Yikes! Many lovely scenes didn't make it into the final edit for The Circle. 
I hope you enjoy discovering them here!

Deleted Scene One

Siopa Leabhar was unusually crowded with shoppers on the following Wednesday and Kenzie had enlisted Calum, Hagen, and Laurel’s help. Kenzie worked at the checkout while Calum and Hagen assisted browsing customers. Laurel volunteered to do the morning read aloud in the children’s section.

After Calum helped a rushed couple find the maps, he listened as Laurel read to a small group of preschoolers. If I use magic now, Laurel won’t walk away. She’d never leave those little kids alone. Carefully, hardly moving at all, he caused one of the books to fall from a stack behind Laurel. A brown haired girl squealed in surprise. Laurel continued reading, picked up the book, and replaced it on the shelf where it remained mere seconds before thudding to the floor again.

Hagen finished with his customer and joined Calum. He gave Calum a crooked grin.  Laurel picked up the book and no sooner did it touch the shelf than three others crashed to the floor. A boy and girl giggled at the noise. Laurel glared Calum with a “knock it off” look. After the read aloud, she passed close to both boys and hissed, “Cut it out or someone’s going to start asking questions. Stop forcing your magic on me.”

Deleted Scene Two

“How’s she supposed to pay a faerie?” asked Calum, doubtfully.

“They like fruit. A strawberry plant might work. I’ll get one from the greenhouse,” said Kenzie. She returned, carrying a young strawberry plant in a clay pot. “I planted this from the seeds of the plant your father gave me on our first date.” She smiled at Gus. “It was love at first sight.”

“Yeah, she loved strawberries,” said Gus, winking at Calum.

Deleted Scene Three

“Son,” said Gus, sternly. “Your mother is going to have forty fits.”

“Sorry,” said Calum. But his dad looked at him in a way that told Calum he wasn’t really angry. 

“Relax, Gus. What would you have done when you were their age? What would I have done?” asked Donnelly.

"I don't want to know what you would have done," said Gus.